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Ideal Sapanca Commercial Broker L.L.C.

Ideal Sapanca is a Turkish and United Arab Emirati enterpreneurship company.Our Turkish partners has 45 years construction and real estate development experiences.Our Emirati partners are well known local family of United Arab Emirates and they have experiences about GCC business markets.We targeted to create a powerfull business oppurtunities with united our experiences and Powers.

We are marketing and advertising our projects and properties which are developed and located in Turkey , in United Arab Emirates . Our vision is supplying high quality life spaces and projects for our customers as their wishes and demands.

Our business partner FCC Structure Development and Construction is the biggest and well known construction company in it’s region.The developing solution partnership is creating satisfactory and high quality supplies and services.We are caring about our customer satisfaction before sales and after sales in same conditions.

Our name coming from Lake Sapanca; which is a famous and natural fresh water lake in Turkey, between the Gulf of İzmit and the Adapazarı Meadow near the Istanbul. The lake has a catchment area of 251 km², and green forest mountains around Lake Sapanca, Turkey


Ideal Sapanca Commercial Broker LLC is the exclusive marketing agent of FCC Construction and Development Company in GCC region.

Ideal Sapanca ,

- Advertises all the projects in the media , newspapers,magazines , radio and online channels
- Communicates prospects to present all projects
- Follows up all documentations and legal paperworks
- Updates the upgrades in the projects regularly to the customers
- Gives the best service with qualified and experienced team in regional office,Dubai
- Joins regional exhibitions and events to make marketing of the projects.


FCC Construction and Development Company is located in Sakarya,Turkey and developing high quality living spaces in Turkey.


- Finds a suitable plots to realize a construction project ;
- Clears out all the formalities with the local municipality and resolving title deed problems ;
- Researching and assessing the the best and efficient land use ;
- Prepares conceptual , structural , mechanical , architectural drawings ;
- Build up the project on turnkey basis ;
- Manages, operates and maintains the realized projects.